Aluminium Foil Raw Material Price From China

Type: Household Foil(HHF)
Application: Widely used in household commodity packaging
Alloy: 8011
Grade: Food Grade
Thickness: 0.006MM-0.03MM
Width: 120MM-1600MM
Core ID: 76MM /152 MM
Core Material: Steel /Aluminum /Paper
Roll OD: Customized
Weight: 90-250 kg per roll coil ( or customized )
Surface: One side bright ,one sight matt

Product Details

Product Details


The household aluminium foil has the characteristics of anti-greasy, cleaning, wrapping the food with carbon roasting and flavor enhancement, and is deeply loved by people! So it becomes an indispensable packaging material for daily life.

After the food is ready, such as steamed buns, steamed buns, fried dough sticks, etc., the heat is first wrapped with a napkin, and then wrapped with aluminum foil for a longer period of time.

Product Parameter


Household   food use Aluminium foil

food packaging aluminium foil

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Packing & Shipping

Packing: PE foam as 1nd layer, and plastic bag as 2rd layer, and then put montmorillonite drier to protect from corrosion.Wrapped with paper as 3 st layer,

Suspend the roll in seaworthy wooden cases, with polyfoam to protect the edges of the roll from mechanical damage.

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