Aluminium Foil Label For Beer Bottle Neck

Aluminium Foil Label For Beer Bottle Neck

Alloy: 8011 8079 1235
Temper: O
Thickness: 0.01-0.015mm
Brand Name: HTMM
Certificate: SGS FDA ISO
MOQ: 3 Tons

Product Details

Product detail


Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck


To be produced into beer neck wrapping labels


1235 8011 8079








One side bright, One side matt

The standard thickness of Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck is usually 0.010-0115 mm, and the width specification is between 300-500 mm, which belongs to single zero aluminum foil category. The production process is: after printing, embossing and shaping pure aluminum foil, it is sent to beer company as bottleneck label and decoration for mechanized application. High performance Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck can be labeled at a speed of 46000 bottles per hour, and if the quality of Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck is normal, the speed is about 23000-28000 bottles per hour. Therefore, the performance of Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck for beer bottlenecks has a significant impact on customer production efficiency.

alu foil for beer

Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck

Aluminium foil label for beer bottle neck add visual prestige to any type of bottle. They are an important part of product personality and a guarantee of authenticity. Champagne and traditional bottled beer are used as markers of product quality. But aluminum foil is not just for decoration. it can ensure safety and provide tamper evidence in case of "crown" foil. The "dead angle" and ductile physical properties of aluminum foil enable it to be molded with the outline of the bottle and bottle cap in an easy-to- brand shaping manner. As a result of torn perforation, can easily open the rotary cover or coronal cover without affecting the appearance of the neck foil. The art and technology of bottleneck foil are constantly developing, which not only saves materials, but also maintains elegant appearance and high product safety. Champagne capsules are usually made of thicker aluminum foil, which is sometimes coated or laminated with plastic layers. aluminum foil has been naturally replaced as a material for bottle-rotating capsules. Neck foil is often embossed, in addition to the unique appearance, but also make the label easy to handle. Other developments also make it possible to use smooth labels. Labels with partial embossing are elements that increase design attractiveness and personality and are another option.


Company introduction

Henan Tengdeli Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. Found in 2009,is a professional aluminum foil production enterprises. Our quality policy is quality to compete for advantages, reputation for development.


aluminum foil service


1. Strict quality control

2. Satisfactory pre-sale after-sales service

3.Reply within 24 hours

4. High quality and competitive prices

5. Rapid mass production


Q: What is your lead time?

A: It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Usually we can ship within 30-45 days.

Q: What is your payment term?

A: T/T, Western Union, L/C, this is negotiable.

Q: What is the shipping method?

A: It could be shipped by sea, by air or by express, Please confirm with us before placing orders.

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