Molding Proflie Surface Decpration Aluminum Foil

Temper: Soft
Use: Lamination / Flexible Package
Treatment: Pure
Type: Roll
Alloy: 1235 8079 8011
Thickness: 0.0055MM-0.03MM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: TENDELI
Color: Silvery
Width: 200-1600mm
Grade: Safety Food Grade
Packing: Fumigation- Free Wooden Cases
MOQ: 3 Tons
Certificate: SGS FDA ISO
Surface: One side bright, One side matt
Sample: Free A4 Sample

Product Details

Molding Proflie Surface Decpration Aluminum foil

The decorative aluminum foil is single zero aluminum foil. In order to meet the mechanical properties of the finished product, the type of alloy must be selected reasonably. At present, the alloy grades of decorative aluminum foil are mainly 1145, 1100, 8011, etc.



(l) According to the characteristics of the use of decorative aluminum foil, in order to produce products that are satisfactory to customers, the quality of the cast and rolled billets must be controlled first, mainly to control its metallurgical quality, to ensure that the grains are fine, the structure is uniform, and the surface of the billet can not have streaks. Shape meets the required indicators.

(2) During cold rolling, different alloys are controlled with different total processing rates and different annealing systems to obtain similar mechanical properties of the finished product.

(3) Foil rolling is an important part of the quality control of decorative foil. Choose the smaller pass processing rate in the first and finished passes, reasonably select the rolling oil index, control the balanced rolling parameters of each pass, improve the degreasing device, and improve the roller grinding quality A key factor in the quality of decorative foils.


wooden packaging




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