1235 Aluminium Foil For Flexible Packaging

1235 Aluminium Foil For Flexible Packaging

Alloy: 8011 8079 1235
Thickness: 0.006mm-0.009mm
Width: 200mm-1600mm
I.,D:76mm 152mm

Product Details

Aluminum foil for flexible packagingWith the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, the way of food supply has changed, more and more convenient food with a long shelf life.Since the shelf life of aluminum foil and plastic composite bags is about five times longer than that of plastic bags of the same thickness, the demand for flexible packaging aluminum foil is growing rapidly.The folded aluminum foil has two beautiful silver-white surfaces, one with a high light emission rate, and the other, on the contrary, with a soft matte.

1235 aluminium foil for flexible packaging

Alloy 1235 8011 8079


Thickness 0.006mm-0.009mm
Width 200mm-1600mm
I.,D 76mm 152mm
O.,D 330mm-650mm

Aluminium foil production

We mainly produce The laminated foil 。It is widely used in high speed production for flexible packaging because of its advantages for as a quick solution for increasing efficiency.The laminated aluminium foil roll is resistant to water and many chemical components. Combining materials on the foil makes it opaque and therefore, protects sensitive products from light. It also has benefits such as being a good oxygen barrier, fine forming properties, and that it can maintain the freshness of the product for a long period.Further information about our products and services is available throughout our website. Should you have any specific questions or need help with finding the perfect packaging for your product, please feel free to contact one of our friendly sales representatives and we will be honored to assist you.

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