Aluminium Foil For Flexible Packaging 1235 8079

Aluminium Foil For Flexible Packaging 1235 8079

Alloy/temper:1235 8079 / O Thickness: 0.006mm 0.00635mm 0.0065mm 0.007mm Width : 200mm-1600mm I.,D:76mm 152mm O.,D : 330mm-800mm

Product Details

The aluminum foil of the aluminum foil composite bag is made by high-purity (purity of 99.5% or more) electrolytic aluminum after multiple rolling, and the application of the aluminum foil material in the composite flexible packaging has the following outstanding advantages:

1. The appearance is bright and beautiful, with silver-white metallic luster and good reflectivity, giving a feeling of luxury, which is not available in plastic film. Therefore, the use of aluminum foil in the packaging of goods can be used to beautify the product and improve the grade of the product.

2, high barrier and shading. Compared with paper and plastic film, aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties such as moisture resistance, gas barrier properties, light blocking properties and aroma retention due to its highly dense metal crystal structure. When aluminum foil is combined with paper, film, etc., it can almost completely block any

The passage of gas, water vapor and light can effectively protect the contents of the package and prevent the contents from spoiling and oxidizing due to moisture absorption and oxidation, thereby greatly extending the shelf life and shelf life of the package contents.

3, aluminum foil natural starch based on the fast heat transfer rate, and high temperature resistance, so it has been widely used in cooking packaging.

4, aluminum is a light weight metal, the use of aluminum foil for packaging can save and reduce transportation costs.

5, can be recycled and reused, so as to reduce energy consumption; and non-toxic, odorless / tasteless, will not affect the flavor of the package contents.

Due to the outstanding advantages of the above aspects, aluminum foil has become a widely used packaging material in the flexible packaging industry.

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