Aluminium Foil For Food Flexible Packaging Use

type:flexible packaging foil
application:to be used for food packaging /cigarette packaging after lamination
alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

aluminium foil for food packaging use

8011 h18 hard pharmaceutical aluminium foil for blister

Product Details

1235 8011 8079 1200
applicationfood packaging /cigarette packaging after lamination
surfaceone side bright,one side matt
Free Fumigted Wooden Box

alu foil packaging

The biggest advantage of aluminum foil is its high barrier property, which can not only effectively block the penetration of non-polar gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, but also have high moisture and moisture resistance.


In addition, it can also block ultraviolet rays. These characteristics are of great significance to the packaging of food, medicine and many other commodities. However, the mechanical strength of aluminum foil is poor, and it is difficult to be used as a practical packaging material.


Aluminum foil composite packaging material can keep the above inherent characteristics of aluminum foil, and eliminate the disadvantages of aluminum foil such as poor mechanical strength and thermal sealing performance, and become a practical packaging material with wide application. As the base material of flexible packaging material, the disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it may produce cracks when folding, which greatly reduces the barrier property. Aluminum foil is opaque and opaque, so it has poor display for the packaged goods.

Aluminium foil 8011


Suspend the roll in seaworthy wooden cases,with polyfoam to protect the edges of the roll from mechanical damage.

Each wooden box weight 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's request.

Auminum foil for soft packing

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