Aluminium Foil For Food Packaging Laminations

Type:Aluminium Foil For Food Packaging Laminations
Application:To be used for food packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination
Alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
Surface:One side bright,one side matt.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm/152mm
Roll weight:according to customers machine

Product Details

Aluminium Foil For Food Packaging Laminations

1235 aluminum foil

Type:Aluminium Foil for food packaging lamination

Application:To be used for food packaging/Chocolate packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination.

Alloy:8011 8079 1235 1200




Surface:One side bright,one side matt.

Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.

Leisure snacks, for example, as in open bags of instant pre-packaged food staple food, has in recent years to the "fourth meal" evolution trend, its cover category is very broad, mainly include: nuts nuts, biscuits cakes, candy candied fruit, dairy products, bean curd, puffed food, fish, meat, food, beverages and tea drinks, desserts, etc.
According to the data of Food Industry Association, the market size of domestic leisure food industry is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 12.1% from 2016 to 2020.
In a trillion-dollar market, bargaining power is shifting to consumers. From the original "Only black Ford" to the consumers' pursuit of healthy food, fresh, quality, good-looking, interesting and rich, the "health" value in the consumption field is returning.
Snack food as the representative of the "healthy", is an upcoming industry reform. Nielsen recently released the Report "In-depth Analysis of Changes and Opportunities in China's Retail Industry under the Epidemic", which believes that after the epidemic, consumers will pay more attention to public health, and it is necessary to improve food safety strategy, strengthen traceability and increase standardized pre-packaged product configuration.
Zhu Danpeng, a food industry analyst, said that the epidemic will have a great impact on the consumption thinking and behavior of Chinese people, and some industries related to great health will be favored and pursued. This trend will occur in industries and segments where the new generation is the mainstream consumer group.
The bread of the people is the bread of the people. In order to continuously meet the consumer's demand for various kinds of food health, safety and preservation, upgrading the packaging is a vital means.

In developing countries, 30 percent of food is wasted due to spoilage due to lack of effective packaging, according to Deng Logi, a professor at the School of Food Science at Hunan Agricultural University. Food caused by improper packaging.

With the increasingly strict supervision and investigation of food safety by the state, it is expected that in the next few years, the growth rate of aluminum foil used in packaging will continue to rise substantially, and the application of aluminum foil packaging in such fields as leisure food, rice noodles, oil and salt, flavor sauce, tea, betel nut, facial mask and daily chemical will continue to extend, with great potential. And at present on the market, a lot of product packaging of afore-mentioned category has begun to change from the original material such as plastic packaging to the safe, environmental protection, high-end aluminum foil packaging.
The small packaging materials also reflect the great changes in people's lives: from having enough to eating well to having fresh, nutritious and healthy food, which not only reflects the improvement of living standards, but also reflects people's yearning for a better future life.



⒉Each wooden box weight from 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's request.

⒊Normally loaded by 20GP,1*20GP can load about 20-24MT.

aluminum foil packaging


Our containers are manufactured in accordance with all applicable regulations for food-grade materials, and our company is certified to ISO 9001,SGS ,FDA .We adhere to the goal of good equipment, first-class management, good products, good service, good credibility”, do our best to meet all our customers’ requirements and provide you our super quality products and service.aluminum foil factory

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