Aluminium Foils For Laminated Packagings

Type:Aluminum Foil For heat sealing lids
Application:To be used for food packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination
Alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
Surface:One side bright,one side matt.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm/152mm
Roll weight:according to customers machine

Product Details

Aluminum Foil For flexible packaging/Laminated


As the name suggests, composite aluminum foil is the composite layer of aluminum foil pasted together.
Composite aluminum foil has the characteristics of both aluminum foil and composite layer, which can improve and improve the performance of aluminum foil. There are many forms of composite: aluminum foil a composite layer, aluminum foil a composite layer of aluminum foil, composite layer of aluminum foil a composite layer, multiple composite layer. Aluminum foil and paper composed of composite aluminum foil called laminating aluminum foil.

The plain foil of composite aluminum foil is usually within the thickness of 0.007 ~ 0.015mm. When composite can be smooth, or dark outside, also often used by the first coating, coloring or printing of aluminum foil. In order to paste firmly, aluminum foil should be annealed first to soften, degrease and remove oil. In order to facilitate the composite, aluminum foil roll should be moderately elastic, neat edges, fewer joints.

The adhesive equipment and method of composite aluminum foil
The pasting of the composite aluminum foil is carried out on the pasting machine, which is equipped with an open reel of aluminum foil and paper (or plastic film), a coiling shaft of the composite aluminum foil, a plate to hold the binder, a roller system for coating the binder, as well as a guide roller, a flattening roller, a pressing roller, a heating roller, a cooling roller, and an adjustment device for temperature and tension.
There are three kinds of adhesive methods: wet, dry and hot - solid.
Wet bonding
Wet bonding is a water-based solvent or water-dispersive binder. In the wet state, aluminum foil and the composite layer are pasted together, and then dried to evaporate the water. Therefore, the composite layer is required to have certain air permeability and porosity.
Wet bonding is often used for laminating paper. Binders should be water-soluble or water-diluent and may be either protein-based binders such as glue, animal glue, and cheylan, or carbohydrate-based binders such as starch, dextrin, and cellulose; Organic or inorganic binders such as glass, acrylic acid, denatured vinyl acetate and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer can also be used. Binder is often neutral, but can also be slightly alkaline, a little corrosion of aluminum foil and paste firm.
In the binder used for sodium silicate (sodium silicate, foaming base) and vinyl acetate. Water glass is cheap, but it becomes brittle after drying and turns yellow after long-term placement. Vinyl acetate has strong adhesion, softness and water resistance, but its price is higher.
Dry binder
Dry bonding used for bonding airtight plastic films. Binder is divided into three types: vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and other solvent; Cellulose nitrate, acetaldehyde cellulose, formaldehyde cellulose and other fiber types; A copolymer of synthetic rubber and acrylic resin.
Dry bonding the binder dissolved in volatile solvents, such as acetone and ethanol, etc., coated on the aluminum foil, drying

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1.How can I get a sample to check your quality?

After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.

If you need the samples, we will charge for the sample shipping cost, which can be refundable after order confirmation when your quantity of the order is more than the MOQ.

2.What about the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. The lead time of MOQ is about 20-30 days. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to get the products at your country.

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