Aluminum Foil For Flexible Ventilation Duct Hose Application

Type:Aluminum Foil for Flexible Ventilation Duct Hose Application
Application:widely used for cable,water proof,Transformer and so on.
Alloy:1060 8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18 H24 H112
Surface:Without oil,Stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm/152mm
Roll weight:according to customers machine

Product Details

TypeAluminum Foil for Flexible Ventilation Duct Hose Application
Applicationwidely used for cable,water proof,Transformer and so on
Alloy1060 8011 1235 8079
TemperO H18 H24 H112

Auminum foil for soft packing

A summary of air conditioning aluminum foil:

At present, air conditioning is gradually developing towards miniaturization, high efficiency and high life span. And the air conditioning heat exchanger is also developed to the direction of ultra-thin and high strength. In the 1980s, heat exchangers were 0.15 -- 0.2 ram thick, while today they are only 0.09 -- 0.15mm thick. In addition, in order to improve the life of air conditioning, reduce power consumption, improve the quality of ventilation and improve the cooling effect, and have developed a variety of functions of the coating heat exchange sheet, the typical anti-corrosion heat exchange sheet, surface hydrophilic heat exchange sheet, surface hydrophobic performance heat exchange sheet and mildew heat exchange sheet and self-lubricating heat exchange sheet.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil surface has strong hydrophilicity. The hydrophilicity is determined by the Angle formed when water sticks to the surface of aluminum foil, as shown in Figure 1. The smaller the Angle A is, the better the hydrophilicity is; otherwise, the worse the hydrophilicity is. In general, Angle A is less than 35. It's hydrophilic. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used in the condenser of air conditioning. Its main function is to make the water in the hot air in the heat exchange sheet condensation into water droplets easy to spread out and flow down the sheet. This can avoid due to the water between the heat exchange sheet "bypass" and affect the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, so as to improve the heat exchange rate of the air conditioning, under the same cooling capacity can also save electricity. At present, the general hydrophilic aluminum foil on the market in addition to the surface has good hydrophilicity, but also has a higher corrosion resistance, so that the performance of air conditioning is more optimized.

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aluminum foil packaging


Watch: The package made of alu foil is not as bright as the package made of aluminized film. The aluminum foil has a thick aluminum layer and strong light-shielding.

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A:What 's your MOQ?

B: Normally 3 tons are requested as the minium order quantity ,we shall give additional instructions in special circumstances.

A:What are the terms of payment and currencies do you accept?

B:T/T or L/C is accepted, currently we appreciated your payment through USD,EUR, RMB


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