High Quality Cigarette Packaging Aluminum Foil Rolls

Type:Aluminum Foil For heat sealing lids
Application:To be used for food packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination
Alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
Surface:One side bright,one side matt.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm/152mm
Roll weight:according to customers machine

Product Details

High Quality cigarette Packaging Aluminum Foil Rolls


China currently consumes 161,300 tons of aluminum foil a year. China's alufoil market consumption of the largest product is air conditioning foil; China is the world's largest producer and consumer of cigarettes. The annual consumption of cigarette packaging foil reaches 35,000 tons, accounting for 60% of the total consumption of double-zero foil.

Besides , there is also a kind of packaging material called alu foil bag. Alufoil bag is made by a bag making machine after a combination of multiple plastic films. bag is also called pure aluminum bag. Alufoil bag packing usually refers to aluminum composite vacuum packing bag. It adopts four layers structure, and has good function of water and oxygen isolation. Unrestricted, can be customized with different specifications, styles of packaging bags, can be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. The products shall be tested according to GB and ASTM standards and meet the requirements of environmental protection (third-party testing report can be provided). The products shall meet the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in the European Union and North America.
With packaging materials constantly updated, it is easy to confuse alufoil bags with aluminized bags.
Alufoil bag is made of pure metal aluminum sheet, the thinnest thickness can reach 0.0065mm, although so thin looks weak without wind, but with plastic composite, the role is very big. After passing with the plastic of one above compound, can improve the function such as the barrier sex of plastic, sealing sex, protect sweet sex, shield sex.
But the aluminized bag is under the high temperature vacuum condition, the high purity metal aluminum evenly spreads on the plastic film, because is spreads on the plastic, the metal aluminum mainly plays the decoration function, does not have the very big help to improve the material barrier property.


Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers'need. What's more, wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery. There are two kinds of packaging,which is eye to wall or eye to sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience.

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High quality packaging aluminum foil rolls

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