Jumbo Aluminum Foil For Food Flexible Packaging

Jumbo Aluminum Foil For Food Flexible Packaging

Type :Flexible Packaging Foil
Application :To be used for food packaging/Cigarette Packaging after lamination
Alloy :8011
Temper :O
Thickness :0.0055MM-0.03MM
Width :200MM-1600MM
Surface :One side bright ,one sight matt
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

flexible packaging aluminium foil

As a manufacturer, our company can directly contact customers. After the customer informs about conventional specifications / standard sizes, we can take stock in advance. Therefore, it can be guaranteed to be shipped within 30 days after the customer's formal order, which fully guarantees the customer's requirements for delivery time.

aluminum foil jumbo roll

Jumbo Aluminum Foil For Food Flexible Packaging is a bag container made of soft composite packaging materials. The emergence of soft packaging has greatly improved the mechanization and automation level of food and beverage industry, and accelerated the modernization and socialization process of people's dietary life. In recent years, China's soft packaging market has also developed rapidly.

2020-5-21-6mic aluminum-foil

According to the different uses of Jumbo Aluminum Foil For Food Flexible Packaging, dry composite, hot melt composite, extrusion composite and other different processes can be adopted. Soft packaging not only has the function of moisture-proof and fresh-keeping, but also can print various patterns and words. It is an ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people's living standard, there is still much room for the development of flexible packaging aluminum foil.

aluminum foil packaigng

Model NO.


Rolling Characteristics

Finish Rolling


Aluminum Foil



Roll Weight



Food Grade

Core ID

76mm and 152mm



Key Word

Aluminium Foil



Transport Package

Wooden Cases

HS Code




Aluminum foil packing

Q:What is your product range?

A:We supply aluminum alloy materials. Such as aluminum foil, aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum round, aluminum tube, etc., such as brushed aluminum, embossed aluminum, colored aluminum, mirror aluminum, etc.

Q: What is the discount?

A:The price is based on quantity. There is a big discount for more than 10 tons.

Aluminum foil roll jumbo

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