Manufacturer Of Flexible Packaging Aluminium Foil 8079/1235 O

Use:Liner & Wad
Alloy:Alloy 1235/8079
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:TENDELI
Model Number:1235 8079 8011
Usage:Flexible Package
Material:Laminated Material
Grade:Safety Food Grade
Packing:Wooden Cases
MOQ:3 Tons
Certificate:SGS FDA ISO
Surface:One side bright,One side matt
Sample:A4 Sample

Product Details


Aluminium foil is usually made of pure aluminium, with an aluminium content of at least 99%. In a series ofpasses through rolling millsthe aluminium reaches the desired thickness.

Very thin foils are double-rolled together in the last step and later, separated again This process produce two kind of natural finishes: the outer side of the foil touching the mill work rollsgets a “bright” finish, while the side contacting the other aluminium foil (foil-to-foil) gets a “matte” finish.

The aluminium is solidified by the cold rolling, becoming hard and brittle. Nevertheless, a subsequent thermal treatment in an annealing furnace makes the filmssoft and flexibleagain.

Food packaging made of Aluminium

Chocolate wrapping made of Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is easily deformable without losing its barrier properties.

aluminium foil is physiologically harmless to food. However, acidic, alkaline and salty foods should not be in contact with the film. Aluminum foil is light andresistant to water, water vapor, grease and gas, it reflects light, heat and UV rays and does not charge electronically. Moreover, it isfire resistantand easy torecycle.


For packaging, it is rarely used pure aluminum foil. In most cases, the aluminum foil is laminated with plastic films (eg PET, PE, or PP) or paper. One then speaks ofaluminum composite films. Composite films have some advantages over pure aluminum foils, for example, higher resistance to rusts and/or stiffness. In addition, aluminum foil can be painted and printed to meet the requirements of modern packaging.

Aluminium bandscan be deep-drawn to produce containers or trays and cans. It then keeps the deep-drawn shape. Aluminum can be bent and folded without losing its barrier properties.

Aluminium foils with a thickness of about 12-20 µ possessbarrier properties.This means that those foils areimpermeable to water and gases. Thinner foils cannot guarantee the same 100% barrier properties. However, they also offer barrier properties and ensure that food stays fresh longer because of its light protection.

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