Wholesale Factory High Quality Aluminium Foil For Lamination

Application:to be used for food packaging/cigarette packaging after lamination
Alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
Surface:one side bright,one side matt
Packaging:Free fumigated wooden box

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aluminium foil

We are a professional manufacturer of aluminium foil,Aluminium Household Foil,Aluminium flexible foil,Aluminium Container Foil,Aluminium Cable Foil,Aluminum sheet and Aluminum coil and have been exporting our products to overseas markets in the past 17 years.
We know you are searching for large quantity of aluminium foils in your market for long term. So how to reduce your cost and earn more profit will be a key problem of your side.

aluminum foil factory

Production Process

aluminium foilProduction -Process

The process of producing aluminium foils involves many steps, including refining, smelting, rolling and finishing before it becomes the common product that is used in flexible every day.

1. aluminium ore extraction . First, the so-called grinding a mixture of aluminium ore bauxite and sodium hydroxide it. Pump pressure the mixture into a large tank, where the mine will be broken down into a solution of sodium alumninate and legacy pollutants. Next, the tanks and presses through the solution set. Disposal of trapped pollutants. Transfer to solve a cooling tower. Mobile solve a silo, and add aluminum hydrate crystals, which will attract more crystals from the solution, the formation of aluminium hydroxide. Filters, washing and thermal exposure at high temperatures. The dehydration will produce aluminum oxide.

Smell compounds, the first step in the production. Melting the aluminum oxide cell, the cell is carbon steel, and containing a liquid is heated conductor closed. Current generated by the crust, you will continue to fall off, dissolved, stirring inch aluminum will be created in the bottom of the aluminum mold. And input of aluminum melting pot, where you can add other elements of the alloy. There will be cast into the cold and then heated container. Scroll to the foil.

Extruded aluminium foil rolling mill and extrusion to the correct thickness. Occasionally, to maintain flexibility in the heating foil. The foil touches the surface of work roll surface, it creates a shiny completed, two will be rolling with the moving matte finish on both sides. At this point, trim the edges of foil, cut into small pieces of debris

To complete the coating has a wide range of material it foil. Resins and polymers can be used to protect or seal foil, or foil laminated paper or plastic film. Cutting, forming into the desired shape and foil printing or embossed patterns. Aluminum foil packaging for delive。


Flexible Packaging Foil


To be used for food packaging/ Cigarette Packaging after lamination


1235 8011








One side bright, One side matt


Free Fumigated wooden box


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