3003 Aluminium Foil For Container

3003 Aluminium Foil For Container

Alloy:8011 -O H22 H24 Thickness:0.03MM-0.15MM Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland) Brand Name: TENDELI Model Number:8011 1235 8079 3003 8006

Product Details

Aluminum foil for Container

Aluminum Container have always been one of the most important choices of organizations that are based on providing packaged and packaged foods for a number of reasons.

•The possibility of cooling and heating:

Aluminum container are the only ones that can withstand extreme changes in temperature, where the aluminum dish can go from the freezer to the oven safely.


Aluminum container, leak-proof, strong, courteous, and maintain the most food.

•Easy to clean, reuse or dispense with:

Aluminum container can be cleaned after cooking, eating and reuse, and can also be removed and thrown after use directly.

•Used in ovens:

Aluminum container can be used in microwave, as are traditional ovens without melting or roasting, or a change in the flavor of the original food.



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