3003 H24 Alufoil For Food Container

Type:Aluminum foil for food container application
Application:for different food container applicaions,such as dishes,plates,trays etc.
Temper:H22 H24 H18 O
Surface:Both side bright.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm/152mm
Roll weight:according to customers machine

Product Details

3003 H24 Alufoil For food Containers



3003 H24 Alufoil For food Containers


For different food container applications,Such as dishes,plates,trays etc.




O H22 H24 H18






Both side bright


Free Fumigated wooden box

food container foil_副本

At present, the use of aluminum foil containers in China is very common. Due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, and awareness, there are also large differences in consumption levels in countries and regions, and the development potential is still large.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes have always been in China. With aviation meals in people's eyes, they can fully enter the food packaging industry such as catering takeout, distribution, and so on. In today's China's national conditions, green, safe, environmentally friendly, economical, and sustainable development are important choices.

Advantages of aluminum foil box

Raw materials are non-toxic and safe in quality. Aluminum foil is made of primary aluminum alloy after being melted and rolled through multiple processes. It is free of harmful substances such as heavy metals. During the production process, high-temperature annealing and sterilization process is used. Bacteria grow.

Easy to heat, no harmful substances grow after heating, aluminum foil has high conductivity. Can reduce the time and energy related to food processing, refrigeration and secondary heating. It has good thermal stability, and can withstand temperature changes during processing and packaging. Withstands -20 ° to 250 °.

It is easy to form, convenient to seal, and ensures the hygiene of food. The aluminum foil is well formed. Even in the place of wrinkling and curling, there will be no cracks or breaks in the process of stamping tableware. You can choose different shapes, thicknesses, and alloys as needed And heat-treated aluminum foil to accurately reflect the use of the product.

4. Strong barrier, can protect the original taste of the food after sealing, and extend the shelf life of the food. Although the aluminum foil is very thin, it has a strong barrier. It can completely block light, gas and other substances, improve insurance and protect moisture, and prevent taste. Leakage or mixing in, effectively maintain the original taste and characteristics of the product. It avoids product deterioration, prolongs the shelf life, reduces food waste, and also saves production time and energy during this period.

5. It can efficiently recycle and reuse, protect the environment, save energy, can be recycled for countless times, and has limited quality loss, and maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce many products.

6. The decoration of the aluminum foil box highlights the difference and grade of the product. The aluminum foil has a bright metallic luster, and is compatible with all printing technologies. The unique design and the brand logo (LOG) color printing are beautiful and beautiful.

Aluminum foil lunch box: safe and hygienic, high and low temperature resistant, green and environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end and beautiful, convenient and fast.

3003 H24 Alufoil For food Containers & PACKAGING:

we use the horizontal shipment,multilayer protection+free-fumigated wooden box,it could protect the goods well.also we put a lot of desiccant in the package. After you take out the material, seal the bag tightly so that it won't get wet and oxidized.

aluminum foil2

aluminum foil

HTMM is a professional aluminum producer, mainly producing 1 series, 3 series, 8 series aluminum foil large rolls. Used in household, composite, lunch boxes, beer labels, medicine foils, heat seals and industrial. We have been exporting high quality aluminum foil rolls to the UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Palestine, Ghana, etc.



A: Do you accept customized orders?

B:Yes,we do. Your customized orders are always welcomed. please kindly offer us your samples or drawings , so that we can customize the products according to your preferences. about any further detail, please feel free to contact us.

A:What 's your MOQ?

B: Normally 3 tons are requested as the minium order quantity ,we shall give additional instructions in special circumstances.

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