8011/3003 Alloy Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll Container

Temper: H22 / H24 / H18
Treatment: Lubricant/ Non-Lubricant
Type: Roll
Alloy: 3003 8011 8006
Thickness: 0.03MM-0.15MM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: TENDELI
Model Number: 3003 8011 8006
Usage: Food Container
Width: 200mm-1100mm
Length: Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll
Color: Silvery
Packing: Wooden Cases
MOQ: 3 tons
Sample: A4 size
Certificate: SGS FDA ISO

Product Details

1. Pay attention to hardness

In the design considerations of aluminum foil products manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to the hardness requirements, to ensure the hardness in the rationality, to avoid the lack of hardness, so as to ensure that the function of the aluminum foil products is fully satisfied, pay attention to Material performance considerations.

2. Pay attention to support

Regardless of how to design aluminum foil products, aluminum foil products manufacturers need to pay attention to the support effect, to ensure their stability on the independence, to avoid damage in the use, to reduce their quality problems, round aluminum foil The manufacturer of the lunch box guarantees that the effect of use is met.

3. Pay attention to the function

In the design of aluminum foil products, it is also necessary to pay attention to the development of functions. It is necessary to pay attention to the continuous improvement of its functions, in order to ensure its functional rationality and reduce the lack of functions. The reasonableness of the satisfaction is necessary.




Accurately grasp the product positioning is the basis for the development of aluminum foil products manufacturers:

1. Grasping the market positioning of products requires aluminum foil products manufacturers to conduct a more detailed understanding and investigation of the market, and fully understand the market demand for aluminum foil products before making a more accurate product positioning. The detailed understanding of the market has a relatively important production significance for the manufacturer and requires everyone's attention.

2. Accurately grasping the market positioning can effectively improve the efficiency of production and processing activities, and has a very important positive effect on the development of the industry. This is because the market positioning of aluminum foil products is accurately grasped, and the range of production and processing products of aluminum foil products manufacturers can be reduced. The production and processing of one industry or one product is carried out, and the so-called industry has specialized. Such production and processing activities are more targeted and more efficient in natural production.




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