Heat Seal Aluminum Foil Manufacturers

Type:Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil
Application:To be used for food contact lid,by heat seal with PET
Surface:One side bright,One side matt OR Both sides bright
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

heat seal aluminum foil manufacturers and 8011 aluminum foil in jumbo roll

Product Details


Heat Sealing Aluminium Foil(Lid Foil)


To be used for food contact lid, by heat seal with PET










One side bright, One side matt OR Both sides bright



Aluminum foil characteristics

Lightweight performance

Aluminum foil is so lightweight that it can be used in packaging and transportation suitable for volume. The packaged objects can be stored in large rolls with aluminum foil or even pre-formed flat packages. A container made of a more rigid thick foil can be "nested" inside another object-this not only saves space, but is also ideal for automatic filling and sealing equipment. This results in significant energy savings throughout the supply chain, thereby helping to reduce the carbon footprint.


stable structure

Especially in the construction, automobile and aviation industries, the honeycomb structure using aluminum foil gives the product rigidity and strength, while greatly reducing the product weight. The rigid pallet used in packaging design can easily cope with hazardous environments including ovens, while in buffet service or other catering applications, aluminum foil provides higher strength on a larger surface.

flexible packaging aluminium foil

Recycling characteristics

If the aluminum foil is not recycled, but is processed in the incineration process, the thin aluminum foil or composite aluminum foil material will release recyclable energy after oxidation. In addition, the remaining unoxidized aluminum can be extracted from the bottom ash of the incinerator and then used for recycling.

2020-5-21-6mic aluminum-foil

Thermal conductivity

Aluminum foil is an ideal insulator for cold environments, and it is also an excellent heat and electrical conductor. Therefore, it can improve cooking performance or quickly dissipate unnecessary heat based on needs. This heat dissipation also helps to reduce or minimize the sealing time, which can save energy and reduce the chance of "hot spots" that damage the product. Aluminum foil can also withstand extreme high temperatures and cold environments without loss of performance-no deformation, no melting or splitting.

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