8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil 11 Microns Aluminum Foil

8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil 11 Microns Aluminum Foil

Type:Household foil
application:widely used in household commodity packaging
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Product details of 8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil 11 Microns Aluminum Foil

widthas your request
surfaceone side bright,one side matt
packagingFree-fumigated wooden box

Application of 8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil 11 Microns Aluminum Foil

Serving as an excellent multi-purpose solution in your kitchen, this heavy weight aluminum foil roll can be used for anything from covering foods pans to lining ovens. With its convenient packaging and easy-to-use blade, this aluminum foil is the perfect addition to your busy commercial kitchen!

Features of 8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil

  1. Very good machinability

  2. Excellent gloss, brilliant appearance

  3. Excellent impermeability to water vapor and gas.

  4. High protection against flavour loss, extend shelf life

  5. Take less storage space.

  6. Generate less waste than many other packaging materials.

  7. No toxic and hygienic.

  8. Greaserproof and non absorptive to liquids

  9. Light in weight, moisture proof, contaminants resostamt,uv proof

About Us

HTMM is specialized in making and supplying a wide variety of industrialand consumer packaging products, including aluminum foil for flexible packaging, laminated packaging etc.

products of high qualty--individually developed according to your specific requirements.

HTMM is committed to timely delivering the best product at a right cost with unsurpassed service for both our foreign and domestic partners.We value people and honesty honor as the most important developing concept, stick to the service promise and focus on the brand building. The business strategy is to uphold the idea that develop in a stable environment and pursue the stability during development. One of our prides is that we can give you integrated service and satisfaction. There are very few companies who can provide you with such a broad range of film productsat competitive prices.

We sincerely invite your attention to take a look at our wide range of products and thank you in advance for givingus the opportunity to be of service to you.

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Q1: Do you offer free samples?
A: Yes, we do. Please offer us your detail contacts. Meanwhile delivery charge paid by customer.

Q2: What terms of transaction you can accept?

A: Normally we accept FOB, CIF or CFR. Accordig to your choice.

Q3: What's the terms of payment and currencies do you accept?

A: T/T or L/C is accepted. Currently we appreciate your payment through USD .

Q4: What is your aluminum foil containers 'heat resistance range?

A: As aluminum foil’s melting point is 640°C and boiling point 2467°C, food containers of its kind can withstand a temperature as high as 600°C.

Aluminum foil packing

If you are interested in our 8011 Alloy Temper Aluminum Foil 11 Microns Aluminum Foil , please kindly contact with us at any time by the below contact details. HTMM has a perfect after-sales service system, and also a professional team. So please be assured to buy our products!!!

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