8011 Aluminium Foil/paperS Jumbo Rolls

Type:Household/Kitchen used aluminum foil.
Application:used for food packaging.
Surface:One side bright,one side matt.
Packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box.
Inner diameter:76mm
Roll weight:100-200kgs

Product Details


Three great uses of aluminum foil

Magic 1: Barbecue to avoid being burnt

In addition to enhancing heat conduction and speeding up food roasting, aluminum foil paper is used to spread meat with uneven thickness (such as chicken legs) by first laying a layer of aluminum foil on the baking tray to conduct heat. Charred, but the meat is still raw!

Others include toasted pineapple bread such as bread with a bumpy and rounded surface, which can be wrapped and then toasted to avoid scorching near the heating tube.

Magic 2: Accelerate the freezing and preservation of ingredients

In addition to heat conduction, aluminum foil paper can also speed up the freezing efficiency, such as wrapping raw meat that has just been bought and then refrigerating it, which can keep fresh quickly;

The leftover vegetables are wrapped in aluminum foil paper, which is denser than plastic wrap, which prevents the loss of moisture, and prevents the smell of food from contaminating the refrigerator. In addition, cream and cheese are wrapped in aluminum foil paper to prevent oxidation and hardening.

When refrigerating soups, some pot lids are too high to be placed. You can use aluminum foil to make your own lids, saving space and keeping fresh!

Magic 3: Time-saving helper for pre-cooked food

A large portion of food, such as potato salad, can be wrapped in aluminum foil and refrigerated, and each time you eat it, you can heat it up; the toast for breakfast can also be coated with cream before the night and used aluminum foil Paper wrapped and refrigerated, making breakfast the next morning will save a lot of trouble

household aluminum foil

Henan Tendeli metallurgical materials Co.,Ltd is a professional Aluminum foil manufacture which has 10 years experiences for manufacturing aluminum sheet, coil, and foil in China. The products are widely used in areas including electric power, transportation, construction decoration, aerospace, packaging materials, electronic appliances, etc.

Our Factory:

8011 aluminum foil

Our Packaging:

(1)Standardseaworthyexportpacking,woodenpalletswithplasticsprotectionforthecoiland sheet.

(2)20MT-22MT canbeloadedinto20footcontainer,wetrytouse20footcontainer.


aluminum foil2

Our Advantage:

8011 Aluminium Foil Paper Jumbo Rolls thickness tolerance could keep within +/-3%,which made the foils in the same thickness but also with more longer meters. however,the common supplier can only keep at 5%.

Our Certification:

aluminum foil 8011

aluminum foil 1235

With the high quality and good service, it's worthy to have a good consideration. Please contact me from below information, I'll be honor to service for you:


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