8011 Kitchen Use Aluminium Rolls

8011 Kitchen Use Aluminium Rolls
roasting and flavor enhancement, and is deeply loved by people! So it becomes
an indispensable packaging material for daily life.

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55.jpg8011 Kitchen Use Aluminium Rolls

Alufoil: A material made by pressing aluminium directly into thin sheets. Because of its soft and ductile properties, it is widely used in aviation food packaging, meat packaging, cable foil, building insulation layer and so on.

The alufoil that is softened after full annealing after rolling is soft in material and has excellent sealing and barrier properties. Almost all products with strict impervious to light and high barrier properties are packed with alufoil.
For example, the cuboid box packaging of milk we drink daily is a kind of sterile package made of alufoil composite material. Cigarette boxes, for example, have a shiny alufoil composite casing and a sheet of alufoil inside to retain the aroma of tobacco. For example, chicken essence, medicines, toothpaste, ointments, cosmetics, wine bottle caps and other packaging are also made of aluminum foil. In addition, as foodies know, it plays an important role in barbecue and cooking, which is also the most direct contact with the use of alufoil.





About Our specification :

Model NO.: 8011-O

Rolling Characteristics: Finish Rolling

Material: Pure Aluminium Alloy

Wdth mm: 300-1650

Gauge mm: 0.010

Micron Gauge: 10microns

Heat Treatment: Annealed Soft

Roll Weight: 90-300 Kg

Length: 5, 000-30, 000 Meters

Core ID: 76 152mm

Core OD: 400-700 mm

Alloy: 8011

Transport Package: Cases

Specification: 0.010mm*300mm*10000m

Origin: HENAN, China

HS Code: 76071120

About Our packaging and Shipping:

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About Our Factory:

HTMM GROUP is located in Anyang city,Henan province which is the inland area in China,Our products with high technological content and advanced production technology,High value-added products.we have the ruff and middle rolling machine for 2 sets each.Foil rolling nachine have 3 sets.slittling and foil folding machine hace 2 sets each,The products quality can reach the domestic first-class level.


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