8079 Household Foil for Food Packaging

8079 Household Foil for Food Packaging

Model NO.: 8079 Rolling Characteristics: Rolling Material: aluminium Samples: for Free Thickness(mm): 0.01-0.2 Width(mm): 20-1600 Length(mm): Coil /Roll Type Normally or Customized Weight: 80kg--250kg Per Pallet or Customized Delivery Time: Within 25 Days Generally Trademark: HTMM GROUP

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8079 Aluminium Foil

Roasting ingredients on a coal fire can make the taste of the ingredients very delicious, but at the same time there is also a safety hazard. When the charcoal fire is lit, it will emit thick white smoke. We ca n’t help worrying about the harm of these white smoke to food. However, if a layer of household aluminum foil is wrapped around the ingredients at this moment, the ingredients will be kept clean.


8079 Aluminium foil

At home, people also prefer to store food in aluminum foil, especially cheese. Even in the refrigerator, cheese easily absorbs odors, thereby changing its taste. HTMM Aluminum foil paper completely solves this problem. It's also worth noting that the best way to bake is to first wrap the product in aluminum foil. If the foil used in the process is strong enough, it can significantly protect the pot or tray. Strong enough aluminum foil to easily withstand the weight of baked goods.

food grade aluminium foil

Our company

HTMM is a large 8079 aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It is a leading large-scale private aluminum foil production and export enterprise in Henan Province. The company produces 8079 aluminum foil with high cup crown values, high heat seal strength, no pinholes and seals. It is particularly suitable for producing wrinkle-free lunch boxes. It is an aluminum foil raw material supplier for various aluminum lunch box manufacturers at home and abroad.

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