Aluminium Foil 8011-o Aluminium Foil Rolls

Type:Household foil
application:widely used in household commodity packaging
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

aluminium foil 8011-o aluminium foil rolls

Product Details

widely used in household commodity packaging
surfaceone side bright,one side matt

advantages of alu foil

1, Household aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless and non-toxic packing material which can be used in food.
2, Any bacteria or microorganisms cannot grow on the surface of household aluminum foil.
3, The packaged food will not dry or shrink by its non-volatile feature.
4, The grease penetration will never happen on household aluminum foil whether in high or low temperatures.
5, As an opaque packaging material, the sun ray irradiation products such as margarine can be packaged well by household aluminum foil.
6, Household aluminum foil has good plasticity, it can be used to packaging products in various shape and also can be used to create different container shapes.
7, Household aluminum foil has good hardness and strong tension strength, but it is easy to tear because of the small tear strength.
8, Household aluminum foil can be only applied heat and seal by the heat materials such as PE on its surface.
Aluminium foil roll jumbo

8011 aluminum foil alloy


Each roll shall be suspended at both sides of the wooden box. Rolls shall be wrapped with EPE as first layer coupled with silicon gel desiccant in both sides of roll to protect from corrosion, PE film as 2nd layer and then another layer of PE film for enhancing protection.

aluminum foil packaging

Applications of aluminium foil

1) Household foils
2) Cable foil
3) Pharmaceutical foil
4) Aluminium fin stock
5) Cigarette foil
6) Semi-rigid container foil
7) Foil for automobile radiator
8) and others
Alloy 1100; 1200; 1235; 1145; 1060; 1050; 3003; 8011...
Thickness: 0.006mm - 0.2mm


Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: 3 tons.
Q: What is delivery time?
A: 30 days after deposit. Except for public holidays.
Q: How can you guarantee the quality?
A: We have rigorous quality test system, from raw materials to finished products, the materials must be checked and signed by QC people.
Q: How long can I get a quote?
A: The quotation can be provided not longer than 24 hours on condition that we know all detailed requirements.
Q: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes we offer free samples. Delivery cost is to be paid by clients.

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