Aluminum Foil For Food Packing

Aluminum Foil for Food Packing
roasting and flavor enhancement, and is deeply loved by people! So it becomes
an indispensable packaging material for daily life.

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Aluminium foil 8011

Aluminum Foil for Food Packing

Frozen food refers to food with qualified raw materials that have been properly processed, frozen at -30℃, and stored and circulated at -18℃ or lower temperature after packaging. Due to the use of low temperature cold chain storage throughout the process, frozen food has the characteristics of long shelf life, not easy to corrupt and convenient to eat, but it also puts forward greater challenges and higher requirements for packaging materials.

Type Aluminum Foil for Food Packing
Application Household/Hairdressing
Alloy 8011
Temper O
Thickness 0.008mm-0.025mm

Food packaging materials, no matter in its production process, processing process, transportation or in the sale, are essential. Therefore, he has directly influenced the development of China's food industry.
Food Hygiene Law of China defines food containers and packaging materials as: paper, bamboo, wood, metal, enamel, ceramic, plastic, rubber, natural fiber, chemical fiber, glass and other products used for packaging and holding food and coatings in contact with food.

About Our packaging and Shipping:


1,Free fumigated wooden box.

2,Each wooden box weight 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's request.

3,20ft will be more cost-efficient,1×20GP can load about20-24MT.1×40GP can load about 26MT

4,Port:usually is qingdao,tianjin.

horizontal packaging_815

About Our Factory:

HTMM GROUP is located in Anyang city,Henan province which is the inland area in China,Our products with high technological content and advanced production technology,High value-added products.we have the ruff and middle rolling machine for 2 sets each.Foil rolling nachine have 3 sets.slittling and foil folding machine hace 2 sets each,The products quality can reach the domestic first-class level.


Aluminum Foil For Food Packing

Aluminum Foil For Food Packing

Aluminum Foil For Food Packing

Dear friends,please freely contact us for more detailed information,we are sure your any inquiry or requirements will get prompt attention and reply.

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