Factory Price Food Drade 8011 Aluminum Foil

Type:Household foil
application:widely used in household commodity packaging
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Housheold aluminum foil

Product Details

widthas your request
widely used in household commodity packaging
surfaceone side bright,one side matt
packagingFree-fumigated wooden box

Factory price food drade 8011 aluminum foil

HHF is used in a wide variety of applications because of its unique combination of properties and alu foil has been contributing to human comfort and health.

Strong and resistant for various applications in construction or transportation, easily to sterilize for medical uses, alu foil remains mainly the best packaging for food products and so on.

At home, people use IHHF for food storage, to wrap foods, such as meats, to prevent them from losing moisture while cooking.

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Alloy 8011 is widely applied in different fields. for instance, alu foil containers are the best packaging solutions.Aluminum foil containers can keep the food fresh, and help protect the food from bacteria. alu foil 8011

It is not only cost-effective but also provides entirely food protection. as a barrier layer, excluding light, gases, oil and fat, volatile compounds and water vapor. It is temperature resistant, thermally stable and an extremely good conductor of heat. It's also strong, durable and safe when touch the foods

8011 aluminum foil alloy


1,PE foam as 1st layer,and plastic bag as 2nd layer,and Wrapped with paper as 3rd layer

2,Free fumigated wooden box

3,Each wooden box weight 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's request.

4,Normally loaded by 20GP ,1×20GP can load around 20-24MT.20ft will be more cost efficient than 40ft.

5,It can better preserve the foil fromdamage during transportation

We have profession team,from the casting to foil rolling,37procedures and 48 tests .Ensure that the products performance is far higher than the standard ,the elongation of aluminum foil is higher,Not easy to break,more stronger and more flexible.

aluminum foil packaging

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