Food Use And 17 Mic Thickness Aluminium Baking Foil

Household foil
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Surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:Free Fumigated wooden box

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Our factory is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer with 10 years of production experience. We have to say that household foil is a major advantage of our factory.

Every year, many customers from different countries buy our aluminum foil, because we can not only provide high-quality service, but also the most important is the quality of the product itself.


Aluminium household foil is available in a variety of formats. In addition to a range of widths and lengths there are textured versions and ready-cut sheets, making it easy to use without unreeling and tearing. 'Non-stick' foil can solve many problems, such as baked-on food. Another special foil is black on one side, which transfers radiant heat more efficiently from the black side, making it ideal for roasting.

Most households are used to having aluminium foil in the home. It has become an essential part of modern household convenience – for cooking, reducing cleaning chores in the kitchen and for its many uses around the home, garden or workshop. In commercial kitchens too – restaurants, canteens, schools and hospitals, etc.

Aluminium household foil's total barrier to light, steam, aromas and liquids is a major reason for its use in the kitchen.

The same properties can be used to stop evaporation and drying of paint, adhesives and fillers used in home decoration.

Also it can deal with the highest temperatures encountered in cooking, whether in a convection oven or under the hottest grill. Another great advantage when used in the kitchen is the 'deadfold' characteristic of aluminium foil. Once folded around a joint of meat, or crimped onto the top of a casserole or storage pot, the aluminium foil stays folded and does not spring back.


for keep fresh


for barbecue


for wrapping food

For household foil, our professional production technology applied in machine rolling, cutting, annealing, layer by layer control to prevent quality problems.We will conduct comprehensive quality inspection for the completion of production of each order, and they will not be sent to the customer without the determination of COA quality certification.


In terms of packaging, we use horizontal packaging, pearl cotton, etc., to protect the placement of goods, so that they can be fixed and avoid being damaged, which make customer receive perfect pacakged goods, optimizing customer buying experience.We enjoy 10year production selling experience,customers coming all over the world,buying and reback to by our alu foil.


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