High Quality Low Price Hs Code Aluminum Foil

Type:Household foil
application:widely used in household commodity packaging
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

High Quality Low Price hs code Aluminum Foil

Product Details

widely used in household commodity packaging
surfaceone side bright,one side matt
packagingfree fumigted wooden box

Coiling defects (loose roll, layer channeling, tower shape, edge warping)

Coiling defects mainly refer to the loose coils, layer channeling, tower shape, and edge warping of aluminum foil during the coiling process of the finished product. As the tension of the aluminum box is limited, and sufficient tension is the condition to form a certain tension gradient.

Therefore, the coiling quality ultimately depends on a good plate shape, reasonable process parameters, and a sleeve with appropriate precision, and it is the most ideal to obtain a tight inside and outside roll.

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 Because the winding is not tight, when the foil is extracted along the core direction, the foil will fall off freely in a cylindrical shape; or the phenomenon of partial depression when pressing the foil with your fingers.

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The main reasons for the loose roll

 the tension is too small or uneven during slitting; the slitting speed is too fast; the pressure of the flattening roller is too small.

Channeling layer

 Irregularity between the end surface layer and the layer of the aluminum foil roll, resulting in uneven end surface.

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The main reasons for the mislayer

 the blank is not flat; the coiling tension is adjusted improperly; the flattening roller is adjusted improperly; the centering system is abnormal during the coiling; the speed is too fast during rolling or slitting.

Tower shape

The channeling layer between the aluminum box end surface layer and the layer causes the tower shape offset, which is called the tower shape. The tower shape is a special case of channeling.

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The main reasons for the tower shape: the incoming plate shape is not good; the adjustment system is abnormal during the coiling; the flattening roller is adjusted improperly; the coiling tension is improperly adjusted.

Edge warping

 The phenomenon that the two ends or one end of the aluminum foil roll up upward is called edge warping, which is characterized by the fact that the edge of the aluminum foil rolls upward, and the touch has obvious unevenness.


The main reasons for sharp edges

excessive reduction, poor plate shape; uneven distribution of lubricant; improper adjustment of the cutting blade.

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