Kitchen Aluminum Foil For Household

Kitchen Aluminum Foil For Household

The use of aluminum foil will become a trend, because aluminum foil caters to the modern concept of environmental protection. Gradually, plastic food boxes and plastic bags will be replaced by aluminum foil

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Aluminum foil is prepared in aluminium ingots and used in a multitude of applications from everyday household foil to heavy-duty, heat-resistant industrial foil rolls. Aluminum foil is extremely pliable and can be bent or wrapped around objects with ease. Millions of tons of aluminum foil are used throughout the world to protect and package foods, cosmetics and chemical products.

Henan tendeli specializes in converting and distributing aluminum foil products including industrial foil rolls. Our team boasts an incredible amount of experience in the industry, and our experience could service our customers best for their needing. Best quality and service are our eternal pursuit.

Our company mainly include Household Foil, Lidding Foil, Lamination Foil, Container Foil, Decoration Foil, Pharmacy Foil, Double Zero Foil,

Applications of aluminium foil:
1) Household foils
2) Cable foil
3) Pharmaceutical foil
4) Aluminium fin stock
5) Cigarette foil
6) Semi-rigid container foil
7) Foil for automobile radiator
8) and others
Alloy 1100; 1200; 1235; 1145; 1060; 1050; 3003; 8011...
Thickness: 0.006mm -0.2mm

Product Grade Temper Thickness
Double Zero Foil 1235 1145
8011 8079
H18 O 0.006-0.009 200-1700 One side bright
Household Foil 1235 8011
O 0.009-0.02 200-1700 One side bright
Pharmacy Foil 1235 8011 H18 0.009-0.03 200-1700 One side bright
Container Foil 3003 8011
H22 H24 O 0.04-0.2 200-1700 Two sides bright
Beer Mark Foil 1235 8011 O 0.009-0.011 200-1700 One side bright
Air Conditioner Foil 3102 8011
O H22 H24 0.08-0.15 200-1700 Two sides bright
Food Soft Packing Foil 8011 1235
O 0.009-0.023 200-1700 One side bright
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