Kitchen Use Aluminum Foil

Kitchen Use Aluminum Foil

Type :Household Foil (HHF)
Application :Widely used in household commodity packaging
Alloy :8011
Temper :O
Thickness :0.008MM-0.04MM
Width :120MM-1600MM
Surface :One side bright ,one sight matt
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

(1) At high or low temperature,kitchen use aluminum foil will not have oil leakage.

(2) kitchen use aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material and a good packaging material for products exposed to sunlight.

(3) Aluminum foil has good plasticity and can be used for packaging of various products. Can also result in any shape of container.

3003 aluminum foil (2)


Household Foil(HHF)


Widely used in household commodity packaging

Aluminum alloy



Soft O








One side bright, one side matt


Free Fumigated wooden box

aluminum foil jumbo roll

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kitchen use aluminum foil is widely used for radiation shield (barrier and reflectivity), heat exchangers (heat conduction) and cable liners (barrier and electrical conductivity). Aluminium foil's heat conductive qualities make it a common accessory in hookah smoking: a sheet of perforated aluminium foil is frequently placed between the coal and the tobacco, allowing the tobacco to be heated without coming into direct contact with the burning coal.

foil aluminium

kitchen use aluminum foil is ideal for wrapping and re-wrapping various products and can be easily converted due to its unique features. Notice that aluminum foil jumbo roll need to be reprocessed into small rolls or foil sheets before sold in stores and supermarkets.

Aluminum foil roll jumbo

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