Aluminium Roofing Foil

type:Industrial aluminum foil
application:widely used for cable,water proof,transformer and so on
alloy:1060 8011 1235 8079
temper:O H18 H24 H112
surface:one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright
packaging:Free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Industrial aluminum foil roll

Product Details

typeIndustrial aluminum foil
applicationcable,waterproof,transformer and so on.
alloy8011 1060 1235 8079
temperH112 H24 H18 O
widthas your request
one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright

Aluminium roofing foil

A large amount of the heat, up to 93%, is transmitted by radiation. A house without insulation loses this radiant heat. Insulation materials made solely from glass fibers or cellulose cannot stop radiation losses.

Unlike aluminum foils and aluminum composite films. Aluminum foil reflects up to 96% of the radiant heat. Aluminum is ideal as an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-shape, adaptable material for the insulation of walls and roofs.

Aluminum foil is the ideal partner for composite insulations and is durable thanks to a protective coating. This makes aluminum foil one of the most versatile materials in the insulation of houses. 

Aluminium foil 8011

Due to the aluminum, the PUR / PIR panels are thinner and lighter.

Thanks to the foil lamination, the boards are thinner and lighter, yet more efficient in insulation. PUR/PIR panels with aluminum foil are completely recyclable.

The film acts as a composite partner in heat insulation panels not only as a heat reflector, but also serves as a vapor barrier, which prevents the formation of mold in the intermediate layers. Aluminum foil with bitumen is often used as a vapor barrier, whereby the bitumen additionally protects the aluminum foil from damage.

industrial aluminium foil

Aluminum foil for waterproofing member

heat reflection and steam barrier in one.

Porous PUR/PIR panels which are laminated with aluminum foil, cannot corrode upon contact with oxygen. The durability of such panels is extended by the aluminum foil by up to 50 years. The film also reduces the risk of fire.


In addition to PUR/PIR panels and bitumen, aluminum foil for thermal insulation is also combined with other materials – for example, as a single or double-sided top layer on air cushion foil. Here again, it lives up to its highly efficient heat-reflecting property.

aluminum foil packaging

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