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type:Industrial aluminum foil
application:widely used for cable,water proof,transformer and so on
alloy:1060 8011 1235 8079
temper:O H18 H24 H112
surface:one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright
packagingļ¼šFree fumigated wooden box

Product Details

cheap industrial aluminum foil roll

Product detail

typeIndustrial aluminum foil
applicationcable,waterproof,transformer and so on.
alloy8011 1060 1235 8079
temperH112 H24 H18 O
widthas your request
one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright

aluminum foil for waterproofing member

Aluminum foil waterproofing membrane is a kind of asphalt waterproofing membrane, which is made of glass fiber mat as the base, impregnated with oxidized asphalt, overlaid with embossed aluminum foil, and covered with mineral particles or covered with polyethylene film on the bottom surface. It is called aluminum foil asphalt felt. Aluminum foil is used to cover elastic and plastic modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, also known as light heat reflection asphalt felt.

industrial aluminium foil

There must be a deposit on the surface of the felt, such as fine sand, rock chips, polyethylene film or aluminum foil. Its function is to prevent the felts from sticking to each other in the process of production and storage; and it can be used as a protective layer in engineering to prevent the sun from blowing. For aluminum foil linoleum, there is also a special function, that is, to reflect sunlight and reduce indoor temperature. Perhaps the reason why aluminum foil linoleum can reflect sunlight is that it becomes a necessary condition for roof waterproofing.

aluminium foil price

Aluminum foil is silvery white, so it can reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than other cladding materials. It is often used as heat insulation roof.

alu foil 8011


suspend the roll in seaworthy wooden cases,with polyfoam to protect the edges of the roll from mechanical damage.

Each wooden box weight 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's reques

aluminum foil packaging

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