Industrial Aluminum Foil Roll 16 Micron

type:Industrial aluminum foil
application:widely used for cable,water proof,transformer and so on
alloy:1060 8011 1235 8079
temper:O H18 H24 H112
surface:one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright
packagingļ¼šFree fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Industrial aluminum foil roll 16 micron

Product detail

typeIndustrial aluminum foil
applicationcable,waterproof,transformer and so on.
alloy8011 1060 1235 8079
temperH112 H24 H18 O
widthas your request
one side bright,one side matt or both sides bright

Air conditioner aluminum foil 

1. Chemical composition:

The alloy grades of aluminum foil for heat exchanger sheet are 1100, 1200, 8011, 8006, etc. In terms of use, there is no strict requirement for the chemical composition of aluminum heat exchanger plate. Without surface treatment, 3A21 aluminum alloy has relatively good corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties such as strength and elongation, and high hardness. The choice of alloy depends on the final mechanical properties of the material and the difficulty of ant process. For example, it is easier to roll 1100 aluminum alloy with higher purity, but it is more difficult for 8011 alloy.


2. Mechanical properties:

Mechanical properties mainly refer to the tensile strength, elongation and cupping value of aluminum foil. From the perspective of use, it is hoped that the higher the three indicators are, the better. As for the material itself, these three indicators are contradictory. That is, when the tensile strength of aluminum foil is relatively high, the elongation index will decrease; and when the elongation of aluminum foil is increased, the tensile strength will decrease. Therefore, in practical application, the intermediate value of mechanical properties is generally taken, and the specific strength and plasticity values are related to the punching die in the processing of heat exchanger plate. Generally, the punching process of heat exchanger sheet is divided into drawing type and non drawing type.

Auminum foil for soft packing

 Drawing die requires better plasticity of aluminum foil, i.e. higher elongation and lower relative strength value; while non drawing die requires higher strength of aluminum foil, and plasticity belongs to secondary index. There are many factors affecting the mechanical properties of aluminum foil, mainly chemical composition and processing technology. As for the strength and plasticity of aluminum foil, the plasticity or strength of one side can be changed within a certain range by adjusting the chemical composition or changing the processing process and parameters. In other words, the combination value of strength and plasticity of aluminum foil can be changed by adjusting chemical composition and processing technology.

industrial aluminium foil

According to the different requirements of heat exchanger for mechanical properties, there are three kinds of aluminum foil: H22, H24, H26. Each state corresponds to a certain range of strength and plasticity.

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