Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foil

Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foil

Type :Industrial Aluminum Foil
Application :Widely used for cable,water proof,transformer and so on
Alloy :1060 8011 1235 8079
Temper :O H18 H24 H112
Thickness :0.0055MM-0.2MM
Width :10MM-1600MM
Surface :One side bright ,one sight matt OR Both sides bright
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

industrial aluminium foil

Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foil provides a versatile solution useful for a variety of applications spanning a myriad of industries. Though similar to traditional aluminum foil, Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foiloften includes the addition of other metals like magnesium, manganese, copper, nickel, silicon, or zinc, creating aluminum alloys with properties designed to meet specific industrial needs.

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Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foil is produced by rolling aluminum slabs cast from molten aluminum, followed by rerolling on sheet and foiling mills until it reaches the desired thickness. A slightly more cost-effective method of IAF fabrication includes continuous casting and cold rolling. Finished sheets of industrial aluminum foil are available in continuous rolls, folded sheets, and more. Most foil sheet thicknesses are below 0.008 inches.

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Industrial Application Aluminium/Aluminum Foil offers a range of beneficial properties that make it useful within a variety of applications within aerospace, industrial, chemical, food and beverage, and many other industries. Some of these benefits include:

  • Flexibility

  • Low permeability

  • EMI/RFI shielding capabilities

  • Ability to withstand high temperatures

  • Low production cost

Auminum foil for soft packing

We use 2 mil and 5 mil Dead Soft Aluminum Foil laminated with flame-retardant polypropylene to provide EMI/RFI shielding for products and components that must operate in flammable environments. This foil allows for part number embossing during die cutting, making it a viable option for product identification and coding.

Aluminum foil roll jumbo

Features of our flame-retardant industrial foil include:

High dimensional stability

Excellent moisture/water resistance

Temperature range: -40º F to 250º F (-40º C to 121º C)

Aluminum foil packing

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