Laminated Thermal Insulation Water/fire Proof Aluminum Foil

Temper: Soft / Half Hard
Use: Lamination / Thermal Isolation / waterproof membrane
Treatment: Pure
Type: Jumbo Roll
Alloy: 1235 8079 8011
Thickness: 0.0055MM-0.03MM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: TENDELI
Color: Silvery
Width: 200-1600mm
Grade: AA Grade
Packing: Fumigation- Free Wooden Cases
MOQ: 3 Tons
Certificate: SGS FDA ISO
Surface: One side bright, One side matt
Sample: Free A4 Sample

Product Details




This is an environmentally friendly fireproofing material that is soft, lightweight and easy to process. Its structure is aluminum foil and polyethylene, which is processed by special machinery. The product is odorless and non-toxic; its appearance not only solves the discomfort and environmental harm caused by the glass fiber and foaming materials in the past, but also It blocks UV rays that penetrate the iron, concrete, wood and common insulation materials into the room. The insulation material developed and produced by our company not only has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation and anti-radiation function, but also can make it very useful in building construction materials (roof, wall, floor) due to the characteristics of the material. Good moisture, heat preservation, energy saving, fireproof and flame retardant.

Use (processed into corresponding products, such as aluminum foil bubble film)

First, shockproof packaging

1, TV, refrigerator, home appliances and electrical products packaging, electronic equipment and office equipment packaging

2, precision instruments and other anti-static packaging, ceramics, glass, optical instrument packaging

3. Loss-proof packaging for building bricks, furniture, lacquerware and musical instruments

4. Packaging of various export products

Second, the daily use of miscellaneous materials

1, a variety of luggage lining materials, insulation materials

2, travel mats, beach mats, camping mats, car sunshade, car engine insulation, car fire doors, etc.

3. Agricultural, aquatic and sports materials

1. Insulation protection materials for greenhouses, various buoyancy materials for aquaculture

2. Life jackets and buoyancy materials for lifebuoys

4. Construction and civil engineering materials

1. Buffers and anti-shrinkage materials for roads, airport runways, culverts and bridges

2. Insulation, sound insulation and moisture-proof materials for floors and walls, waterproofing and anti-vibration materials for building bottom layer

3, insulation materials for pipes and insulation materials for ventilation pipes, outer protective layer of building

4. Commercial residential roofs, ceilings, walls, floor brackets, lofts, basements, storage rooms, masonry walls, plumbing, etc.




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