Soft-clad Battery Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll

Temper: Soft / Half Hard / Hatd
Type: Roll
Alloy: 1235 / 8079
Thickness: 0.0055MM-0.03MM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: TENDELI
Usage: Battery
Color: Silvery
Width: 200-1600mm
Grade: AA Grade
Packing: Fumigation-free Wooden Cases
MOQ: 3 Tons
Certificate: SGS FDA ISO
Surface: One side bright, One side matt
Sample: A4 Sample

Product Details

Soft-clad Battery Aluminum foil Jumbo roll

Due to the high technical barriers, the current aluminum foil manufacturers for aluminum-plastic lamination for lithium batteries are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea. HTMM is one of the few technical indicators in China.

Lithium-ion aluminum foil can be divided into power battery foil, consumer battery foil and energy storage battery foil. Among them, power battery foil is currently the largest demand, accounting for more than 50%, while the consumer battery aluminum foil market is basically saturated. Industry analysts believe that the future demand for power battery aluminum foil will further increase, and energy storage battery aluminum foil will gradually exert its strength.

Battery grade aluminum foil

On the basis of fully considering the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of the aluminum foil, a special blank is used to manufacture the high-precision imported rolling mill with a wire-type roll and a Siemens control system in a clean dust-removing plant environment.





1、It has stable ingredients,few impurities,high purity and excellent conductivity.

2、Its high surface and fine pattern are beneficial for subsequent processing such as coating,stripping and piece production.

3、Its thickness is uniform and tolerance is within the scope of ±2%,which is good for controlling gram weight of base material of battery cathode.



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