Aluminium Foil Laminated Roll Film

Aluminium Foil Laminated Roll Film

Type :Laminated Aluminum Foil
Application :To be used for food packaging/Cigarette Packaging after laminated
Alloy :1235 8011 8079 1200
Temper :O
Thickness :0.0055MM-0.03MM
Width :200MM-1600MM
Surface :One side bright ,one sight matt
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

1) Name: Aluminium Foil Laminated Roll Film
2) Normal size: 0.64*120m(W*L)/roll
3) Normal carton: 10 rolls/carton,size=65*34*14cm,G.W.=16.5KG,N.W.16KG
4) Thickness: 12μm
5) Normal width: 640mm, 1280mm
6) Special width: 1050mm, 1320mm(can be cut 660+660mm or 600+720mm, etc)
7) Length: 120m, 180m, 240m, 360m, 480m, 3000m, etc
8) Core: one inch for 120m-600m, three inch for 800m-5000m
9) Color: gold, silver, red; matt category; holographic category; pearl white and so on
10) Divided in to three types: universal type, large-area type, and hair line type.
11) Application: paper, plastic, leather, wood, textile and so on
12) Delivery Date:15-20 days

13) Storage: protected from humidity, heat, sunshine


Laminated Aluminium foil (or aluminum foil) is aluminium prepared in thin metal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm; thinner gauges down to 6 micrometres are also commonly used.Standard household foil is typically 0.01-0.018 mm thick.The foil is pliable, and can be readily bent or wrapped around objects. Thin foils are fragile and are sometimes laminated to other materials such as plastics or paper to make them more useful.
Laminated Aluminium foil is produced by rolling sheet ingots cast from molten billet aluminium, then re-rolling on sheet and foil rolling mills to the desired thickness, or by continuously casting and cold rolling. To maintain a constant thickness in aluminium foil production, beta radiation is passed through the foil to a sensor on the other side. If the intensity becomes too high, then the rollers adjust, increasing the thickness. If the intensities become too low and the foil has become too thick, the rollers apply more pressure, causing the foil to be made thinner.

Aluminium Foil Laminated  Roll Film

Our Aluminum foil products have passed the REACH test and RUMETAL,ALLOY&ELECTROPLATED COATING CM/RES(2013)9 test applicable to the European UnionApplicable to FDA certification for the food industry,etc.

The products exporting to Japan,South Korea ,Southest Asia,Australia, the United States,Mexico,the Middle Ease,the Europe an Union,South America etc,60 counties and regions,serving more than 300 custamers around the world.our product’s quality and services have also been recognized by demestic and foreign customers,

As a manufacturer, our company can directly contact customers. After the customer informs about conventional specifications / standard sizes, we can take stock in advance. Therefore, it can be guaranteed to be shipped within 30 days after the customer's formal order, which fully guarantees the customer's requirements for delivery time.

Aluminum foil roll jumbo

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