Aluminum Foil 8011 Double Zero Foil Lamination Foil

application:to be used for food packaging /cigarette packaging after lamination
alloy:1235 8011 8079 1200
surface:one side bright,one side matt
packaging:free fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Aluminum Foil 8011 Double Zero Foil Lamination Foil

Product Details

1235 8011 8079 1200
widthas your request
usageto be used for food packaging /cigarette packaging after lamination
surfaceone side bright,one side matt
packagingfree fumigated wooden box

Aluminum Foil 8011 for Packaging

Aluminum foil composite film is the most commonly used composite roll film, which usually contains pure aluminum (AL) and aluminum plating (VMPET).

Aluminium foil 8011

Features of aluminum foil composite film:

1. Features of aluminum foil: good mechanical strength, light weight, no thermal adhesion, metallic luster, good light shielding, strong light reflection ability, not easy to be corroded, good barrier, moisture and water proof, strong air tightness, and fragrance retention.

2. The characteristics of the aluminized film are metal luster, high gas barrier and low adhesion viscosity.

2020-5-21-6mic aluminum-foil


Can use water resistant PVA high barrier coating.

1. The aluminum foil bag has metallic luster, the filling and sealing machine has high reflection ability to heat and light, and the printing color of aluminum foil bag is more beautiful and bright.


2. Aluminum foil bag has good insulation performance, strong protection performance, and is impermeable to gas and water vapor. Therefore, the blister sealing machine can effectively prevent moisture absorption and gasification of the contents, which is not easy to be damaged by bacteria and insects, and has good shape stability and is not affected by humidity changes.

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