Laminated 8011 Aluminum Foil

Laminated 8011 Aluminum Foil

Type :Laminated Aluminum Foil
Application :To be used for food packaging/Cigarette Packaging after laminated
Alloy :1235 8011 8079 1200
Temper :O
Thickness :0.0055MM-0.03MM
Width :200MM-1600MM
Surface :One side bright ,one sight matt
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

Large aluminum foil roll can be used for making foil container/foil tray/foil platter, it is superior household material for packaging which features resistance to water and oil, isolation to light and conductivity of heat. It is environmental friendly and is reusable. It can be reused and can isolate light and conduct heat. Because of these features, it is widely used in the food packaging industry.

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Laminated 8011 Aluminum Foil, or tin foil, is a paper-thin, shiny sheet of aluminum metal. It's made by rolling large slabs of aluminum until they are less than 0.2 mm thick.

It's used industrially for a variety of purposes, including packing, insulation and transportation. It's also widely available in grocery stores for household use.

8011 aluminum foil alloy

Laminated 8011 Aluminum Foil

Laminated foil roll is resistant to water and a number of chemical components. Opaque, the adhesive foil lamination process is ideal for foils employed to protect sensitive materials from light.

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HTMM offers full range of Laminated 8011 Aluminum Foil products. We could do alufoil for Alu Polyester film, Aluminium PE film, Aluminium PVC film, Aluminium OPP film, Aluminium Paper film. They are widely used for food packaging, industrial packaging, insulation, cable shielding & flexible duct areas. Prevent Corrosion Damage With Laminated Aluminium Foil Products.


With an inner layer of aluminum, barrier foils will protect your products from corrosion and moisture damage. Laminated Foils provide the lowest known water vapor transmission rate of any flexible material ensuring total climatic protection and corrosion prevention, therefore, eliminating product damage.Welcome to contact us for your alufoil customization!

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