20 Micron Thickness Aluminum Foil

Type:Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
Application:Blister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy:8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18
Surface:without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated Wooden Box

Product Details

8079 pharmaceutical aluminium foil

Product details

alloy8011 1235 8079

O H18

widthas your request

without oil,stain and vestige

packagingfree fumigated wooden box
original place

20 micron thickness aluminum foil

Blister packs are often used for medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. These consist of the so-called push-through Blister (or shorter “Blister”), a moulded plastic with cavities for the individual tablets, and a push-through closure made of alu coil, which is called blister film or lid film. As a result, capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and protected.

pharmaceutical alu foil

Blister packs: a convenient and practical way to protect medicines.

Blister packs are easy to handle, compact and easy to carry. In them, thanks to the alu foil, each product is individually packaged and protected against all influences until it is consumed.

lid foil

The products are constantly being further developed in order to meet all requirements with regard to reliability, hygiene and quality in the future. For the production of the coated or printed blister films, apply the same medical-hygienic standards that are customary in the medical industry in the production of tablets and co-products.

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Blister cover foil made of aluminium

Both soft and hard alu coils are used for the cover foils of the push-through packaging.

Traditionally, a hard alu coil is used. This has only a small stretching force. This has the advantage that you can break relatively quickly and release the drug with a relatively low force.

If, on the other hand, a soft alu coil is used, more force must be applied to reach the drug because the film has a higher stretching force. Thus, a blister packaging with a cover coil made of soft alu is considered to be more child-resistant.

Blister foil made of soft alu is more secure for children.

This effect can be further intensified by using a laminate of alu with paper and / or PET.

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