AA Grade Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll For Blister Packaging

Temper: Soft, O/H18
Use: Pharmaceutical
Treatment: pure
Type: Roll
Alloy: 8011-O/H18, 8011
Thickness: 0.02MM-0.03MM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: TENDELI
Model Number: 8011-O/H18
Thickness Tolerance: ±8%
ID: 76MM/152MM
Length: Jumbo roll
Color: Silver
Pinhole: 0/㎡
U.T.S: 50MPA-105MPA
Elongation: ≥1%
Standard: GB/T3198-2010

Product Details

AA Grade Aluminum foil jumbo roll for Blister Packaging

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging (referred to as "PTP" aluminum foil) has excellent light-shielding, moisture-proof, gas-barrier, and taste-preserving properties.

It has almost absolute barrier protection for the light, gas, humidity, and taste of all kinds of Pills, capsules, tablets, granules, etc.

The packaging also has good processing adaptability. Higher tensile strength and lower elasticity are very suitable for mechanized work.

In addition, PTP aluminum foil also has characteristics unmatched by other packaging matrials, that is, the easy puncture of PTP aluminum foil.

The main raw material of PTP aluminum foil is aluminum foil, commonly known as "original aluminum foil" or "original aluminum".

It has the properties of non-toxic, high barrier, light weight, good printability, and both sides can print text patterns. widely used.

As the core material of PTP aluminum foil, the quality and performance of primary aluminum alloy, rolling process, condition, thickness, pinhole, plate shape and surface quality will directly affect the performance and protection of PTP aluminum foil.

Tablets are the most diverse and highest-selling pharmaceutical dosage form available today.

The brown bottles used in glass bottles have been rare in recent years.

The old cork sealing wax process does not meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, so the medicine Tablets, capsules and other dosage forms are packed in plastic bottles and aluminum foil blister packs.

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