Alu Alu Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

Type:Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
Application:Blister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy:8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18
Surface:without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated Wooden Box

Product Details

alu alu foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Product details

TypePharmaceutical Packing Foil
ApplicationBlister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy8011 1235 8079
TemperO H18
WidthAs your request
Surfacewithout oil,stain and vestige

aluminium foil pharmaceutical

Medical aluminum foil is mainly used for bonding with PVC, PVDC and other hard sheets, and used for packaging of solid drugs (tablets, capsules). It is light in weight, has certain strength, and has good printability. It can print various characters or patterns on it. When it is made into blister packaging, it can be broken by a little pressure when used. It is convenient for patients to take medicine and carry it. Therefore, this packaging form has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, which is one of the main packaging trends.

Aluminium foil 8011

Quality control  about  Pinhole size

Pinhole is a key index to evaluate the quality of aluminum foil, which mainly affects the barrier property of packaging materials, especially for medical aluminum foil. Pinhole is a defect that is difficult to avoid in the process of aluminum foil processing. According to the results of water vapor transmission test on the pinhole area of medicinal aluminum foil, it can be proved that the influence of small pinhole (≤ 0.2mm) on the water vapor barrier of medical aluminum foil can be ignored; this is due to the "blocking" effect of adhesive.

pharmaceutical alu foil

Through the high coating amount of adhesive layer to make up for the pinhole defect of aluminum foil, the higher adhesive coating amount of pinhole plugging effect is of course more reliable. However, too large holes are easy to break the adhesive film and make the hole parts lose the barrier property, which is the basis of ybb00152002-2015 standard that "0.1 ~ 0.2mm pinholes are less than 1 per square meter, and pinholes larger than 0.3mm are not allowed".

lid foil

Because of the randomness of the pinhole distribution of the aluminum foil raw materials, the reliability of the results is often not high if the pinhole of the aluminum foil is detected by random sampling. The appearance of on-line pinhole detection equipment makes it possible to monitor the pinhole size of aluminum foil in the whole process. It is the most reliable and efficient pinhole quality control method so far. It can make the most objective evaluation on the pinhole quality of the whole roll or batch of aluminum foil.

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