Alu Foil Paper Aluminum Foil Roll

Type:Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
Application:Blister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy:8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18
Surface:without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated Wooden Box

Product Details

alu foil paper aluminum foil roll ——alloy 8011 h18 aluminium foil for blister packing

Product details

alloy8011 1235 8079

O H18

widthas your request

without oil,stain and vestige

packagingfree fumigated wooden box
original place

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil

1,The shortcomings of coiling mainly refer to loose coils or internal looseness and external tightness. Because the tension that the aluminum foil accepts is limited, it is very difficult to wind a hard roll. It is ideal to obtain a roll that is tight on the inside and loose on the outside. The loose coil and the tight coil will form a horizontal edge, while the loose coil will form an ellipse, which will affect future processing.

Aluminium foil 8011

2,Oil stain refers to the remaining oil on the outer surface of the aluminum foil after rolling. The oil stains on the outer surface of aluminum foil are more harmful than other rolled materials. First, the finished aluminum foil is mostly used as decoration or packaging materials and must have a clean appearance; second, its thickness is thin, and it is easy to form a bubble during subsequent annealing.

pharmaceutical packing foil

And because the amount of oil is too much, too much residue is formed there, which affects the use. The number of oily defects is a very important indicator for evaluating the quality of aluminum foil.


3,Because the shape of the plate is severe and bad, it will form wrinkles when the aluminum foil is rolled or opened. The essence is the lack of tension to make the foil surface flattened. Regarding equipment with a tension dimension of 20MPa, the shape of the foil surface must not be greater than 30I. When it is greater than 30I, it will inevitably wrinkle. Because aluminum foil usually accepts greater tension during rolling than subsequent processing, some of them only show poor shape during rolling, including incorrect roll grinding, incorrect roll shape, poor shape of incoming material and incorrect adjustment of shape.

aluminum foil factory

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