Aluminium Foil Pharma Grade

Aluminium Foil Pharma Grade

Type :pharmaceutical packing foil
Application :blister packs, strip packs ,sachets and pouches
Alloy :8011 1235 8079
Temper :O H18
Thickness :0.02MM-0.03MM
Width :200MM-1300MM
Surface :without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging :Free Fumigated wooden box

Product Details

aluminium foil pharma grade is particularly suitable for blister packs because of its range of mechanical properties. Depending on the alloy and its treatment, alufoil can be made more brittle, tougher or more ductile. It can also be combined with other materials like paper or plastics. Blister packs are tamper-evident and can be designed to be ‘child-proof’ or to provide more secure access

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Many of aluminium foil pharma grade’s properties combine to provide user-friendly, safe and versatile packaging formats for pharmaceutical tablets, creams, liquids and powders. Alufoil’s excellent barrier properties totally exclude moisture, oxygen and other gases, micro-organisms and light, maintaining degradable products in peak condition over long periods.

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In the European pharmaceutical industry is used a blister film made of hard aluminium foil with a thickness of about 25 micrometers (μ). If the drug is to be taken, it can simply be pushed through the hard aluminium. The hardness of the film facilitates the so-called push-through opening.

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aluminium foil pharma grade,At present, it is more and more common to use blister packaging in the packaging of health food and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. PTP alumium foil is the sealing material on the medicinal PVC sheet.

Almost all products that require opaque or high-barrier composite materials in modern packaging use aluminum foil as the barrier layer. This is because aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure that can completely block any gas.

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Pharmaceutical Packing Foil


Blister packs, strip packs, sachets and pouches

Aluminum alloy

8011 1235 8079


O H18





Inner diameter

76mm; 152mm;


Without oil, Stain and vestige


light in weight, moisture-proof, UV proof, flexible and good fashioned




Free Fumigated wooden box

aluminum foil packaigng

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