Aluminium Foils For Durg Blister Packing

Type:Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
Application:Blister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy:8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18
Surface:without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated Wooden Box

Product Details

Aluminium jumbo roll

Product details

alloy8011 1235 8079

O H18

widthas your request

without oil,stain and vestige

packagingfree fumigated wooden box
original place

Cover material made of hard aluminium

Push-through blister with Aluminum foil

If the drug is to be taken, it can simply be pushed through the hard aluminium. The hardness of the film facilitates the so-called push-through opening.

Normally only the outer side of the aluminium foil, which is directly visible to the customer, is provided with printing. But also, the inside sealed with the heat seal lacquer could be printed.

In this inner side, it is obligatory to have a double coating with a heat seal primer and the heat seal lacquer applied thereon. The primer ensures that the heat seal lacquer adheres securely to the aluminium foil and is matched to the aluminium foil.


The primer can also be dyed. The reasons for this are mainly for marketing, and not to protect, even better, the drugs. The primer coat is followed by the heat seal lacquer. If the primer is dyed, the heat sealant protects the medicament against the color pigments in the primer – the colour pigments are enclosed between the aluminium foil and the heat sealant lacquer.

The colour pigments, the primer and the heat seal lacquer have to be well matched.

pharmaceutical alu foil

Cover material made of soft aluminium

Of the packed medicament in form of capsules or tablets should be particularly safe from unauthorized opening by children’s hands, it is a good idea to close the blister packs with soft aluminium foil.

The same applies to soft aluminium foil as with hard aluminium foil. However, the thickness and flexibility of the aluminium foil makes it difficult for children to push the tablets through the soft aluminium foil. The aluminium foil is extra perforated at the sealing seams so that it can’t be completely removed from the blister film.

lid foil

Blister film made of a composite of aluminium with paper / PET

Another possibility to pack tablets and capsules

In the pharmaceutical industry, composite films of aluminium and paper and / or PET are used as cover films. A paper with a weight of 40-50 g / m² is laminated with aluminium foil. Cover foils with aluminium and paper can be printed directly on the outward-facing surface of the paper.

aluminum foil packaging

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