Aluminium Foils For Pill Blister Packing

Type:Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
Application:Blister packs,strip Packs,Sachets and pouches
Alloy:8011 1235 8079
Temper:O H18
Surface:without oil,stain and vestige
Packaging:Free Fumigated Wooden Box

Product Details

Aluminium foil roll raw material

Product details

alloy8011 1235 8079

O H18

widthas your request

without oil,stain and vestige

packagingfree fumigated wooden box
original place

Aluminium foils for pill blister packing

Foil is not only cost-effective but also provides complete food protection. It is unrivaled as a barrier layer, completely excluding light, gases, oil and fat, volatile compounds and water vapor. Aluminium foil is temperature resistant, thermally stable and an extremely good conductor of heat. It is also strong, durable and safe for use in contact with all foodstuffs.

Aluminium foil 8011

The plastic push-through blister has to be airtight sealed with the cover film made of aluminium to ensure effective protection of the tablets. For this purpose, a suitable sealing agent, usually a heat seal lacquer, is applied to the aluminium foil.

pharmaceutical alu foil

After the tablets are placed in the individual wells of the blister mold, the aluminium foil is applied. By the right combination of time, pressure and heat, the heat seal lacquer on the aluminium foil combines with the plastic material of the blister. Both are perfectly sealed to protect the tablets from environmental influences.

On the other hand, a primer is frequently painted on the finished blister package, often also a manufacturer’s logo or other markings, so that consumers can safely identify the drug.

lid foil

Packaging Detail

Aluminum core,Steel aluminum core or paper core according to customer;

Pearl wool paper;

Waterproof craft paper;

Cardboard paper;

Wooden case or pallet;

Iron belt for fastening the package.

2) Port: Qingdao port or other main ports in China

aluminum foil packaging

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