Jumbo Roll For Alu Alu Base Foil For Pharma

Rolling Material: Aluminium foil
Alloy : 8011
Temper: O H18
Thickness : 20 micron 25 micron
Width: 200mm-1100mm
Trademark: HTMM
Origin: China Pharma packaging jumbo aluminium foil roll for pill blister packaging Temper H18 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical from...

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Aluminized paper a paper composed of aluminum foil lining paper and aluminum foil pasting.Soft easy to shape, such as paper, and deformation does not rebound.Can be qualitative, to ensure shading, not fall, opaque, no pollution, cheap price. For high-grade cigarettes, candy and other food moisture-proof and decorative packaging.



About our products :Alu foil for making pharmaceutical usage,it need tp cpnfirm if you need alu foil with glue or not.

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Aluminum foil is widely used, such as: aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packaging, cigarette packaging and so on.According to its application characteristics, experts will be divided into more than 20 varieties.Because of the difference of economic development level in different countries, the consumption structure of aluminum foil also has a big gap.In developed countries in Europe and the United States, used for packaging aluminum foil products accounted for 70% of the total demand.In the Chinese market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacturing, and packaging aluminum foil only accounts for 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is relatively late, but the rapid growth of the market, the prospect of attracting attention.Aluminum foil paper is quite significant in architectural application, sticking on the surface of thermal insulation material makes it more convenient, clean, especially beautiful to reach a new height in construction.But the effect of different types of aluminum foil varies greatly, such as fireproof and ordinary is not the same grade.


The particularity of aluminum foil rollingIn the production of double piece of foil, aluminum foil rolling in roughing, rolling, finishing process, three from the technological point of view, the exported from rolling thickness can be roughly divided, the general rule of thirds is export thickness is greater than or equal to 0.05 mm for roughing, export thickness between 0.013 ~ 0.05 for rolling, export finished and receives rolling thickness less than 0.013 mm sheet of finished product for finishing.Roughing and aluminum plate and strip rolling characteristics are similar, thickness control mainly depends on the rolling force and the back tension, roughing processing rate thickness is very small, its rolling characteristics have been completely different from the rolling of aluminum plate and strip, with the characteristics of aluminum foil rolling, its characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

(1) aluminum plate and strip rolling.To make the aluminum plate and strip thinner mainly depends on rolling force, so the automatic control mode of plate thickness is the AGC control mode with constant roller seam as the main body. Even if the rolling force changes, adjust the roller seam at any time to maintain a certain value of roller seam to obtain the plate and strip with the same thickness.And because to finishing of rolling aluminum foil, aluminum foil thickness is very thin, rolling, rolling force, make the rolls elastic deformation is easier than being rolled material to produce plastic deformation, the elastic flattening of roll can't be ignored, roll play flattening determines the aluminum foil rolling, the rolling force is not like the mill, aluminum foil rolling is generally under the condition of constant pressure without rolling, roll gap adjustment relies mainly on the aluminum foil thickness after tension and rolling speed.

(2) rolling.For the thickness of less than 0.012mm(thickness size is related to the diameter of the work roll) of extremely thin aluminum foil, because of the roll of elastic flattening, with the method of sheet rolling is very difficult, so the use of double rolling method, that is, the two pieces of aluminum foil with lubricating oil in the middle, and then together for rolling method (also known as rolling).Lamination can not only produce very thin aluminum foil which cannot be produced by single sheet rolling, but also reduce the number of strip breaks and improve labor productivity. Using this technology, single-sided smooth aluminum foil of 0.006mm ~ 0.03mm can be produced in batch.(

3) velocity effect.The phenomenon that foil thickness thins with the rise of the rolling process is called velocity effect.The explanation of the mechanism of velocity effect remains to be further studied. The reasons for the velocity effect are generally believed to be as follows:

1) the friction state between the work roller and the rolled material changes. With the increase of the rolling speed, the amount of lubricating oil is increased, so that the lubrication state between the roll and the rolled material changes.As the friction coefficient decreases, the oil film becomes thicker and the thickness of aluminum foil becomes thinner.

2) changes of the mill itself.In the rolling mill with cylindrical bearing, the roller neck will float in the bearing with the increase of rolling speed, so that the two interacting rollers will move in the direction of being close to each other.

3) materials are softened by rolling deformation.The rolling speed of high-speed aluminum foil rolling mill is very high, with the increase of rolling speed, the temperature of the rolling deformation area is high, according to the calculation, the temperature of the metal in the deformation area can rise to 200℃, which is equivalent to an intermediate recovery annealing, resulting in the softening of the rolling material processing.





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