14 Micron Aluminum Foil For Roofing

14 Micron Aluminum Foil For Roofing

Alloy/temper : 8011/O Thickness:0.014mm/ 0.03mm Width: 900mm 920mm 940mm I.,D :76mm 152mm

Product Details

Aluminum foil for roofing insulation has been widely adopted across the globe. The necessary materials are highly available in the market. The role of aluminum foil for roofing in environmental conservation cannot be overstated. Aluminum foil for roofing creates a radiant barrier protecting buildings from external environmental heat and shields loss of heat from within. The radiant barrier consists of a reflective outer layer and a heat insulating core.

Global warming is one of the major crises affecting the world. Temperature levels are continually rising, leading to climatic disruptions around the globe. Human sustainability is at risk. Aluminum foil for roofing out greens most of the alternative materials in the market. It’s installation in your building increases energy efficiency performance to suit different needs.

Even in the hot season aluminum foil in the roof insulation assumes a supporting function. The low-cost, supple material also reflects 96% of the heat radiation from the outside

The active principle is therefore the same – except for the fact that in the summer the effect is directed outwards, the baking heat is fended off and the house interior is kept at a cool and pleasant temperature.

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