Aluminium Foil For Waterproof

Aluminium Foil For Waterproof

Aluminum foil layer of aluminum foil composite insulation waterproof layer of super thick not only increases the strength of the material, which is not easy to damage in the complex construction environment, but also greatly increased the barrier, so that the material has better heat insulation function. Good water-proof performance and simple construction technology: aluminum foil composite thermal insulation waterproof layer with high strength, as well as impermeable, in grade Ⅱ waterproofing can be used as a waterproof cushion. Between aluminum foil insulation waterproof cushion laid directly on the batten and downstream, between the two downstream natural droop, even if the tile damage, waterproof is more security.

Product Details

Aluminum foil reflects the heat better than other materials, protects from damage and provides high durability of the waterproofing layer, greatly increasing the life of the material. Aluminium waterproofing membrane can be used in all climatic zones. It can freely bend at temperatures down to 5°F and has thermal resistance up to 248°F. Thick foil provides high strength of the material.

Pros of using aluminum waterproofing membrane

Reduction of the work costs, ease of installation and high fire safety when applying the self-adhesive foil;

reflection of thermal radiation;

mounting on different bases (concrete, wood, metal, plastic etc.);

cleanness of the roof membrane and possibility of painting it in any color;

biological stability, durability and reliability.

Aluminum foil composite thermal insulation waterproof layer (also called the barrier film, aluminum foil insulation sheet) is a radiation rate is extremely low metal foil and other polymer melt composite high thermal insulation material.

Special composite waterproof insulation cushion aluminum foil protective layer to prevent the aging of aluminum foil aluminum foil to increase of service life.

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