8011 Aluminium foil paper use

- Feb 13, 2020-

Aluminum foil paper is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Beyond refrigeration manufacturers, number one is their largest consumer. Now it has been widely used in our daily life, and household aluminum foil has become its separate category. The term "family" indicates its specific use in the home: food packaging. Anyway, why do we wrap food in aluminum foil? Why don't we choose other potentially cheaper materials?


Aluminium foil paper for food

The use of aluminum foil paper can ensure the umami taste of the food when it is used to cook dishes. It can also retain the moisture of the food and make the food more tender at the same time.

house foil.jpg

Food grade Aluminium foil paper for cake

Are you always worried about the color of the cake when baking the cake? After the cake swells to a certain height, the surface color starts to darken. At this time, on the cake, you can easily solve your troubles by gently rewarding our aluminum foil paper. Dissipate and become dry.

8011 foil.jpg

Aluminium foil paper for BBQ

When grilling, using aluminum foil on the food can not only keep the original taste and reduce splashing, but also maintain the umami taste of the food and prevent the loss of nutrients. It can also play a role in oil control, sanitation and easy to clean, prevent food from sticking and avoid scorching, and ensure bright food color.