8011 Household Aluminum Foil Paper

- Sep 24, 2020-

8011 Household Aluminum Foil Paper

Household aluminum foil remains relatively stable. Household aluminum foil refers to 8011 aluminum tempered, unpainted aluminum foil. It is obtained by repeatedly casting aluminum, light weight, high tensile strength and excellent insulation as a food packaging material. It can be as thin as 8 microns and does not contain any toxic elements. However, it is recommended that you do not use 8011 aluminum household aluminum foil to contain acidic foods such as tomatoes, because these foods will corrode and damage the aluminum foil.


8011 Household Aluminum Foil Paper

8011 aluminum foil has a wide range of applications, the most extensive one is food preservation. It was originally used by a Swedish company to wrap candies, which marked the beginning of the era of using it as a packaging material. Today, aluminum foil food containers and food packaging aluminum foil have become its two largest application areas.

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8011 food grade aluminum foil

Generally speaking, food packaging aluminum foil rolls or aluminum foil containers can be made of 8011 alloy. In addition to aluminum, 8011 also contains iron and silicon elements. The content of the latter two is more than 1%, which makes the performance of the alloy much better than pure aluminum foil. In fact, 8011 is rarely made into sheets or plates, but mostly in foil or strip (split foil). It has a tensile strength between 125 and 165, a yield strength of 110, and an elongation of 2 to 5. Facts have proved that 8011 aluminum foil has become an ideal material for food packaging.

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