Advantages of aluminum Foil industry

- Dec 29, 2018-

Advantages of coated carbon aluminum foil in lithium battery applications

1. Inhibit battery polarization, reduce thermal effect, improve magnification performance;

2. Reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and significantly reduce the dynamic internal resistance increase of the cycle process;

3. Improve consistency and increase the cycle life of the battery;

4. Improve the adhesion of active substances and set fluids, reduce the manufacturing cost of polar tablets;

5. Protective set fluids are not corroded by electrolytes; 6. Improve the processing performance of lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate materials.

Coating double-sided thickness: section A 4~6μm,b 2~3μm.

Conductive coating

Surface treatment of battery conductive substrates using functional coatings is a breakthrough technology innovation, carbon aluminum foil/copper foil is the dispersion of nano-conductive graphite and carbon cladding particles, evenly and delicately coated on aluminum foil/copper foil. It provides excellent static conductivity, collects the micro-current of the active substance, thereby significantly reducing the contact resistance between the positive/negative material and the collector, and improves the adhesion between the two, reducing the amount of binder used, which in turn results in a significant increase in the overall performance of the battery. The coating is aqueous (water agent system) and oily (organic solvent system) of two types.